About Us

WHO We Are

OXIO Health, Inc. is a newly innovative healthcare technology platform company. We are designed to provide direct solutions to providers and direct care to patients. We have designed, developed and deployed our own patented healthcare technology, with the collaboration of our five (5) supporting platform companies (more to come), all integrated cohesively to achieve our goal. We envision changing the way healthcare works today by empowering the patient, enabling the provider and advancing the science. We provide the vision, design, execution and funding to create incredibly resilient and responsive organizations. Our clients are payors, providers and consumers of healthcare services. We are unlike any company in the market today, and that is exactly what healthcare needs.

“OXIO” is symbolic of “OX” or “MANKIND” and “IO” of “TECHNOLOGY” blended together to provide the humanity and the technology approach to solving the growing healthcare crisis. Neither element alone, mankind nor technology, is sufficient or even able, to solve the healthcare equation – together they bring knowledge and skills to bring the cost of healthcare delivery under control. “OXIOHealth” acknowledges this synergistic relationship and establishes the bond between MANKIND – TECHNOLOGY – HEALTHCARE.