OXIO® Health, Inc. Announces   Licensing of New 22nd Patent

OXIO® Health, Inc. Announces Licensing of New 22nd Patent

OXIO® Health, Inc. Announces

Licensing of New 22nd Patent

Greenacres, Florida, USA (December 3, 2020) – OXIO Health, Inc.® (“OXIO”) announced today that it has just licensed a new patent for the use of intelligent icons in the management of medical records titled, “Graphical User Interface with Intelligent Icons.” This patent has direct application to one of OXIO’s portfolio companies, PWeR®, Inc.; however, the application is multi-functional across the Company’s other technology platforms. Through our experience, a patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has become a repository for a substantial amount of patient data. This information requires physicians to scour through dozens of historical notes, which takes away valuable time and interaction between the physician and the patient.. Further, these “intelligent icons” immediately display patients key medical issues to prevent physicians from any misdiagnosis  and substantial liability.

According to OXIO’s Executive Vice President and COO, Carl Larsen, “This new patent significantly adds to our robust portfolio of 21 licensed patents and integrates with our other Graphical User Interface (GUI) patents to complete an advanced, streamlined user interface that does not require a keyboard or mouse. This patent is integral to the ‘technology-infused healthcare ecosystem’ that is currently being developed through OXIO’s five (5) portfolio companies.”

This patent introduces the concept of “intelligent icons” that streamlines the physicians’ workflow to maximize efficiency and build a stronger rapport with patients. Major underlying health issues will be displayed based upon both the icon’s shape and color. For instance, red icons denote “most significant” and the shape denotes underlying health conditions such as Allergies, Heart, Respiratory, etc.  By simply tapping on the icon, physicians will be able to access details regarding key medical issues immediately from the patients’ medical record. In many cases, this will display yet another layer of intelligent icons that provide successive levels of detail and background on the patient’s specific health issue. This intelligence is built into each icon using patient specific metadata that is written and accessed from the EMR. By doing this, we will be able to embed patients’ medical ‘intelligence’ metadata for a quick access feature, much like a computer indexing system.

Mr. Larsen went on to state, “In addition to the visual cues and embedded medical metadata, the icons will be agnostic to the computer’s operating system, yielding tremendous cross-platform interoperability. This novel design allows the icons and embedded data to be easily transferred between computers of different types without losing functionality or data. Further, as we utilize our blockchain patents and technology, we will create a safe, encrypted, and immutable means to make patient data quickly and easily accessible, across multiple platforms around the world.”

In a further implementation, we will utilize the data from our IoT wearable device platform to populate additional intelligent icons that provide real-time patient data such as temperature, blood pressure, heartrate, respiration, oxygen saturation and blood glucose levels via remote care. This capability, when built into PWeR and combined with its newly released TeleHealth Module, will provide one of the most expansive, versatile and useful provider-patient interfaces available in the market.”

About OXIO Health®, Inc.

OXIO Health, Inc. is a new, multifaceted healthcare innovations company that realized medical care and medical technology had to be merged into a new, 21st century platform, to bring more value and improve quality; much of which still remains elusive in healthcare today. OXIO management brings deep, hands on experience in working for over 30 years in nearly every segment of healthcare delivery, technology, and facilities. Healthcare in the U.S today is a US$3.5 trillion industry with expectation to reach over US$6 trillion by 2030, as 10,000 new baby boomers reach retirement age daily through this period. We have assembled the best systems in our Portfolio of Companies driven to be change agents in this industry that has resisted change for 50 years; however, due to the lessons-learned from the COVID-19 pandemic patients, providers and payors are now receptive of these needed changes in the delivery of care.

About PWeR, Inc.

PWeR®, Personal Wellness electronic Record, a product of PWeR, Inc. a Portfolio company of OXIO Health, Inc., is designed as the backbone and the central nervous system of our platform of technology companies. It will be used by our own cadre of service companies in the OXIO healthcare delivery “ecosystem”. The PWeR platform has been previously twice certified compliant with The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) Meaningful Use-2 and is being readied for the required upgrades to the new Meaningful Use-3 standards. During this upgrade process the platform will also incorporate additional features to expand the use of intelligent icons to improve interoperability along with improvements to HIPAA-compliant encrypted TeleHealth physician/patient portal and a secure text messaging system.

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