Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

The Broad View

Vision: To bring a higher level of patient centricity into the U.S. healthcare system using an innovation of systems and processes that is driven by the best, and most adaptive technology, to create a “technology-infused healthcare” delivery system; we envision these efforts globally for all.

Mission: To “Empower Patients, Engage Providers and Advance the Science of HealthcareTM by bringing true, value-added “technology-infused healthcare” across the healthcare delivery continuum to improve quality of care and reduce the cost of healthcare delivery.

Culture: The OXIO Health culture exemplifies diversity from our Hispanic Founder and Chairman, to the women and seniors occupying seats on the senior and executive management team, as well as the diversity on our Board of Directors. At OXIO, we recognize the importance of diversity and realize that without inclusivity, diversity is just a term. We practice inclusivity by recognizing that each individual, regardless of position or title, is valued, leveraged, and welcomed within a given setting; each person has an opportunity to share and participate in the operation of the Company.

Key Components of our Social Responsibility

OXIO Health, Inc. Corporate Governance is guided by the following key components or pillars of Social Responsibility.

Diversity: Recognition and respect for all and an understanding of individual differences including race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, age, marital status, mental disability, physical disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, genetic information and any other characteristic protected by applicable state or federal law, so that all members of the community are treated fairly with dignity and respect. Each and every individual at OXIO has an equal place and value; all have an equal opportunity to contribute, share and be recognized for contributing to the growth of our Company, as well as each member of our Corporate Community. This extends beyond our employees to our clients, vendors, suppliers, and other corporate partners.

Equity: OXIO recognizes that advantages and barriers can exist, and as a result, we all don’t all start from the same place. Equity is a process that begins by acknowledging that unequal starting place and makes a commitment to correct and address the imbalance. Corporate governance policies recognize that diversity means that we must ensure equity for all individuals in the OXIO Community, both internally and externally.

Inclusivity: OXIO believes that everyone must feel valued, their skills and abilities are recognized, and that they be fully welcomed within our Corporate Community. We recognize that in a team with diverse talent, we must be proactive to ensure that everyone, particularly those with marginalized identities, such as  women, people of color, and LGTBQ+ feel welcomed, are valued, given opportunities to grow, and receive career support from a mentor.

Environmental Awareness and Responsibility: OXIO Health recognizes the interconnectedness we all share with each other, including our climate and our planet, which obligates us all to be mindful of the impact that all of our activities, whether individual, corporate or government, have on our planet and each other. Consequently, OXIO has adopted the position that we will utilize products and services that are environmentally friendly; including but not limited to, corporate vehicles that are electric or hydrogen fuel cell powered, recyclable products, and recycle our own waste. Further, we strive to utilize “best practices” in our building such as LEED Certification, solar power, and interior products including furniture that is made from recycled and recyclable products to the best extent practicable. Our aim is to immediately minimize our carbon footprint and reduce it to zero by 2030.