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Healthcare faces a combination of challenges today that are not exclusively geographic or demographic. Every nation faces the challenge of an aging population that affects not only healthcare by employment, business and industry, but also affects the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Roughly 10,000 people turn 65 each day in the United States, and the rate is projected to continue for at least the next nine (9) years. Managing the cost of healthcare in the aging population is becoming paramount to controlling the ever-rising cost of healthcare in the nations. We must address the USD$8.0T global and USD$4.3T annual healthcare cost, today!

Yet another, and quite unexpected, challenge has become abundantly real in 2021.  We are talking about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caught every nation off-guard and exposed weaknesses in every healthcare delivery system, the U.S. included. Long before the pandemic hit, we were developing multi-faceted approaches to shore-up the healthcare weaknesses we were being faced with; such as the lack of patient-centered care and payer-provider revenue management that was to be released pre-COVID, early 2020. These three (3) key areas have been the cornerstones of the problems, and improving these areas are fundamental to ensuring not only a strong recovery, but also an improved, more resilient and sustainable healthcare delivery system. Over the next five (5) years, we expect to witness more innovative solutions towards healthcare in the U.S. than we have ever seen in the last 25 years.  We are confident that OXIO’s solutions will create stronger connections between healthcare and technology to enhance the relationships amongst patients, providers and payors!

We believe that the rebuilt and restructured healthcare system in the U.S. will be built on two (2) critical elements:

  • TECHNOLOGY – we envision the advancement of technology in healthcare through new, innovative “technology-infused healthcare.” Too often we have witnessed many failed attempts using technology to drive healthcare, as well as healthcare attempting to drive technology, and both have met with minimal success. However, the proper fusion of healthcare and technology will allow healthcare, and the practice of medicine, to be supported and assisted by the proper adaptation of technology. We are planning on doing this in our Healthcare Information Technology Companies: PWeR® (Personal Wellness Electronic Record®), PWBR® (Personal Wellness Blockchain Record®) and Bluebox.Care® (Internet of Things, IoT Company addressing the exploding market in wearable devices).
  • STRUCTURE – the structure of the payment model must be addressed. We must shift emphasis from outmoded payment models, such as the encounter-based “Fee for Service,” to a value care-based model that recognizes the importance of caring for the whole patient wellness, and simply not just treating patient symptoms. Fundamental to this change are our two (2) healthcare delivery companies; Total Care America, Inc.® (a 4th Generation Management Service Organization) addressing managed care for Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients, as well as the purchase and roll-up of provider practices to restructure their business operation – this will be more fiscally resilient.  CareWork Clinics, our real estate/healthcare company, providing full back office support to providers choosing to lease their office space on a flexible duration plan that allows the footprint of their practice to potentially be in multiple locations. These two (2) companies directly address the community-based points of care that have been weakened and severely damaged by the pandemic, and they represent a significant vulnerability to community health and wellness.4.3


Today, we have the greatest level of technology, yet the lowest level of wellness. We concern ourselves with more things than ever and create greater stress and anxiety. At OXIOHealth, we are focused on researching, innovating and developing solutions that improve LIFE! We draw on decades of healthcare experience, the latest and greatest innovative processes and technologies to improve WELLNESS, because in the end…IT’S ALL ABOUT LIFE!

We want to celebrate LIFE! To have life, we must have WELLNESS!


We have created an innovative model that creates opportunity and value in a completely new way. We call it a distributive Venture  Platform(SM) or DVP (SM) . In this model, we focus 100% on healthcare technology, products, systems and services creating both a unique and dynamic business model. We also design the model to assure that innovation continues beyond the founding to produce living and continually evolving ecosystem. We are an innovator, incubator, accelerator platform. Our goal is to change healthcare, and reward those that support this model in an innovative and distributive way.

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