OXIO Health, Inc. Announces  Licensing of New 23rd Patent

OXIO Health, Inc. Announces Licensing of New 23rd Patent

OXIO® Health, Inc. Announces Licensing of New 23rd Patent

Greenacres, Florida, USA (February 22, 2021) – OXIO Health, Inc.® (“OXIO®”) announced today that it has just expanded its robust and industry leading portfolio of licensed patents with a new and expansive patent titled: System and Method Enabling Location, Identification, Authentication and Ranging with Social Networking Features.  


This new patent adds substantially to OXIO’s portfolio of 22 licensed patents and is an expansion of prior innovations that used both medical and non-medical (wellness) devices, as well as normal home use devices to track patient wellness data, in conjunction with social features, to improve the quality of care. The forward-thinking innovations embodied in this patent, and others OXIO has licensed, are creating the potential for development of a unique human-machine interface to enhance and drive patient care to a new level by obtaining, analyzing, and comparing human data and metrics at the speed of thought to present a patient’s condition in real-time. To our knowledge, this has not been done with the depth and scope of technology that we are using – we are truly Re-Imaging Healthcare For 2030™.

According to OXIO’s Executive Vice President and COO, Carl Larsen, “Our intended applications of this innovation into the healthcare arena are multifaceted. We envision this innovation being used to guide robotic assistants in hospitals to provide accurate response to patient calls, delivery of medication and routine patient checkups to greatly minimize the potential for staff and patient cross-contamination of serious infectious disease. Further, we envision the ability to remotely check on a patient’s condition and even detect abnormal patient condition(s) based on Artificial Intelligence/Virtual Reality, using other patented technology we have licensed, to scan the patient’s facial features and collect data from wearable patient monitors.”

Mr. Larsen went on to state, “We see healthcare as the largest and most exciting industry in the U.S. but also in urgent need of real-world solutions that utilize technology to expand and improve the science and delivery of healthcare. We are excited about the uses for this patent and believe we are on the brink of a significant infusion of technology, especially into remote or distant care, where we will be measuring and monitoring systems, processes, and individuals to ensure safety and wellness. This patent joins our other licensed, as well as our own developed, Intellectual Property, to create a true and what we believe to be a one-of-a-kind healthcare ecosystem.”

About OXIO Health®, Inc.

OXIO Health, Inc. is a new, multifaceted healthcare innovations company that realized medical care and medical technology had to be merged into a new, 21st century platform, to bring more value and improve quality; much of which remains elusive in healthcare today. OXIO management brings deep, hands on experience in working for over 30 years in nearly every segment of healthcare delivery, technology, and facilities. Healthcare in the U.S today is a US$3.5 trillion industry with expectation to reach over US$6 trillion by 2030, as 10,000 new baby boomers reach retirement age daily through this period. We have assembled the best systems in our Portfolio of Companies driven to be change agents in this industry that has resisted change for over 50 years; however, due to the lessons-learned from the COVID-19 pandemic patients, providers and payors are now receptive of these needed changes in the delivery of care.

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